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My Heritage easy to use
20 August 2012
Reviewer: Anna from New Zealand

164 of 321 people found this review helpful

I have used my Heritage for 2 years now. No it is not free ( only the first 250 names). I have now upgraded to Premium because I have found this site excellent for locating our missing family lines. ( not located with other programmes ) The programme is easy to navigate and is great for easy understanding where family members may have married again after being widowed. Especially good for establishing whether family or not is the Smart Search section.

Helps to eliminate inaccuracies.

Overall for me this site is excellent to use, does not take over my computer. Having looked at a number of different genealogy programmes think that it is " different strokes for different folks'

Suggest that you undertake another review of this website given you are inicating it is free when it is not.

In summary, I would recommend My Heritage to a friend.

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Easy to Use
21 February 2012
Reviewer: Mike M from NY, USA

176 of 349 people found this review helpful

I think most of the negative reviews posted about myheratige are from user who are not very computer savvy. I've been using myheritage for six months now and have almost a hundred family members who have signed up and none have had any issue.

I simple tell everyone to not use the downloadable software. You and your users can easily work with the site live on the web without utilizing the software. The user interface is far easier than any other website I've used in regards to adding people etc.

Finding information can be somewhat frustrating if you don't have an account with worldvitalrecords.com, im sure. However if your serious about genealogy in general you know spending that little bit of extra money makes a huge difference. With the amount of information online now it's a virtual field day for anyone serious about genealogy. One website will not be sufficient, but worldvitalrecords is a great addition to the myheritage family. I have located hundreds of documents for my family and those of my friends.
There are some minor things that could be added to make this even better, but overall it's a great site and I highly recommend it.

In summary, I would recommend My Heritage to a friend.

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Fine - the website's good
19 February 2011
Reviewer: Tristanb from New Zealand

183 of 363 people found this review helpful

This website is the best free genealogy website that I could find. I'm not sure what the others are complaining about.

It's easy to use, and lets you have 250 people in your tree for free, with photos, multiple members. You can share your trees with others.

I've tried the software too. It seems like it would be good if you were doing proper research - it has places for storing reference documentation etc. - but if you're just entering a tree with your known relatives it's probably not worth getting.

The site allows you to download your tree to GEDCOM.

In summary, I would recommend My Heritage to a friend.

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Give MyHeritage a try
11 November 2010
Reviewer: James Craighead from Scotland, UK

200 of 391 people found this review helpful

I have to say, you could be missing out on something if you believe all you read. The printing was fine - the customisable book form was actually an excellent way of presenting familly data that can otherwise sprawl all over the place.

Like the Adobe plugin for viewing PDF files, the ActiveX for MyHeritage is perfectly trustworthy. While I dislike specialised toolbars with a vengeance, neither that nor the program took over my machine - it was easy enough to go into View and untick the Family toolbar anyway. But actually, the main point here is that if you are not using MyHeritage to do your research, which I wasn't - I used the IGI and other references, there is no point in installing the plugin at all! The downloaded program isn't needed either - online updating on the web page is fine.

I found the navigation and updating to be better than most (compared to 5 others) but it is, in my view, inferior to Genes Reunited - if you try them both you will see what I mean. An early bugbear was that portions of the tree would be hidden until you clicked on an icon to view... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend My Heritage to a friend.

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