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Ancient Faces Review

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AncientFaces is a photo sharing website where you can write about your memories of loved ones. It’s a community space for people to connect, exchanging thoughts and snaps, collaborating on sharing family histories. This is a free website with basic features, but it also feels as though it has a heart at its centre: the members are genuinely here to share their photos, experiences and loves.

That might all sound a bit overly romantic, but it’s true. AncientFaces.com feels like a website built out of love and necessity. Many of the photos uploaded are of recently deceased family members, and this site offers a space for the people who loved them to come and leave their memories for others to enjoy and share. You can even add “heart” to a post if you like it, demonstrating your support.

Does the site have uses beyond merely being memorial? Well, potentially. You can create biographies for friends and family, which other users can then add to. So, if you’re looking for photos of a long gone relative, or you want a bit more information about them, you can create a biography and hope that others leave information.

Commenting on photos is also a popular activity on Ancient Faces. All members can browse the snaps and leave their thoughts. There’s also a vintage area where older photos are housed, and these can easily be explored.

Signing up is incredibly simple. You just include your name, an email address and password. Hey presto, you’re done! Thereafter, even creating a profile page or biography is a doddle. This should pose no challenges, even to members who are entirely new to this kind of website.

Though we like the spirit of AncientFaces, it doesn’t have a great deal to do. You post photos, comment, build profiles, hope for links to emerge. In terms of more in depth research, this isn’t going to be a very useful site. If you’re just hoping to share your pictures and maybe get some feedback from people who knew the people you’re interested in, this site will be enjoyable. As a research site, however, it’s very limited. 

Ancient Faces is free to use, which is good because we wouldn’t really want to pay for the service. It’s a well conceived set up, and generally easy to use, although not particularly easy to find a specific person or photo. After a while, you ought to get the hang of the mechanics of the site, and the community seems warm and inviting.

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