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WikiTree is a tool for coordinating your family history and sharing it with your living family members. It’s more of a communication tool for living members who are online, rather than for finding data and documents from the past. It allows you to share photos and files, organize family events and more.

Wiki Tree is not necessarily the best tool for research. Rather, it allows you to build a family tree, add your own photos and information, and then share it with your family members. It’s a resource, therefore, for connecting with your family and creating your own archives. For example, if you wish to know more about your grandparents, you might link up with your cousins, aunts, uncles and various other distant family members, asking them to upload photos and share memories. Those items can then be stored under your grandparents’ branch on your family tree, as a place for you all to visit and read.

This personal element makes WikiTree.com feel quite intimate. It’s about bringing family together to share what they know about their relatives. Consequently, it’s not ideal if you don’t really know your family already. 

You can import information from other sources, such as DNA tests, or export information for safe keeping on GEDCOMs. Another neat feature is the ability to create a special family calendar which records birthdays, marriages, deaths, anniversaries and more for your whole family. You will never again forget old aunt Agnes’ wedding anniversary!

Events can also be organized through Wikitree, as you are able to share posts with other people through your profiles. You can then work out suitable dates using the calendars, and arrange to meet up. Profile pages offer a small but decent space to share a little information about yourself and your family relationships, the information you’re looking for and more. 

If you want to reconnect with family, share stories and maybe reunite, WikiTree might be a useful resource. However, if you don’t know much about your family and aren’t in touch with many of them, you’ll probably find it too restrictive. It’s a free resource, which is great, but lacks a lot of data and features to make it a really useful genealogy resource.

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