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It’s free but it requires work and time
17 September 2019
Reviewer: Ellen1212 from New Jersey

17 of 34 people found this review helpful

For each ancestor you enter on your personal tree you write a profile including a biography. You are told you must provide sources for all information, which is good. Many members don’t do this, probably because they don’t have access to sources. There are hundreds of unsourced profiles that the rest of the members are encouraged to work on.

My biggest complaint is that anyone can alter a profile that you have spent literally hours researching and writing. Unless what is added is blatantly false, you must accept the alteration. The reasoning is that you don’t own your ancestors’ profiles, they are a communal endeavor. As a writer, I have a problem when I write a good narrative biography for a direct descendant, only to have it changed by someone who thinks they know better.

These do- gooders are encouraged by competitions for data correction, sourcing and so forth. In these competitions points are awarded, so many corrections are made.

Plus side— there are some very knowledgeable people there who give of their time and experience. They will help you with tough questions or foreign sources. Also, you use the free... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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Hell No!
11 May 2019
Reviewer: Carolyne Schmidt from USA

17 of 35 people found this review helpful

I have done extensive research and had spent literally almost 13 months correcting errors found in fairly well documented folks.

There was a particular family I had to correct three different times and eventually it just became ridiculous and an awful lot like chasing my tail.

I even offered a suggestion of locking those profiles for individuals who were well documented and from the colonial period, as those profiles would or should not need additions and/or corrections unless some very compelling evidence were to be brought forth. They responded that locking any profile would be against the very definition of what makes it a "wiki".

That was when I gave up.

I will check the site every so often, when looking for a particular individual and sometimes, though rarely, it has been helpful in furthering my research or at least offering clues to that end.

The best thing I could say about it is that there are a handful of really great and knowledgeable people who are active members, and then there's the project managers, like Jilliane Smith, who think they own your research, think their own your sources, and they think they own YOUR ancestors because they are using the sources from... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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Wiki Member
04 February 2019
Reviewer: Genemom from Texas

20 of 39 people found this review helpful

All previous reviews I agree with, but we may disagree on different levels. My home tree Is My Heritage, the best.

Wiki tree has people going in and changing information that you have entered and known to bee correct, then they send you and email to thank a person for changing that information. Correct info great. (Even thou it could be wrong).

I don't like to be told to put my family on face book, If they want to join that's up to them. I'm not a member of face book, my business is mine not yours or whether you agree with me or not. I believe in serious genealogy and it's not found on social media.

Use Wiki tree for what it's mean to be used for, a free helpful too (TO build a tree)l I think a lot of the people are really trying to make good contributions Stay with your good intentions.it's up to you to try it or not, no matter what I say.

In summary, I would recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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Good idea but a lot of problems
12 September 2018
Reviewer: K. Henderson from Hallowell, Maine

26 of 52 people found this review helpful

The best thing is that it is free. It intends to be a global tree that everybody collaborates on, but after years it still has many thousands of entries that have no sources and lead to nowhere. It is active, and most members seem to have good intentions. Note that if you register the ads go away.

It is extremely hard to navigate if you need to look for information or help. The main menu system has like 60 options and I'm not kidding. It seems to have people just constantly add help and other pages on top of ones already there making it complicated and repetitious and difficult to use. The search function is basically useless for the site and for the community message board called G2G. That message board is a strange one, not like others I'm used to. On this one, like Jeopardy, every topic starts in the form of a question and since the search function is so weak it seems some of the same topics are repeated over and over again even in the space of just a few days. It's difficult to read and follow.

As others have said, there are no reference sources or actual... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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One single tree
02 February 2017
Reviewer: Larry Versaw from Golden, CO, USA

53 of 96 people found this review helpful

WikiTree is one global, crowd-sourced, ever-improving family tree. Unlike other sites, members don't create their own family trees; they contribute to a single tree that may one day include us all. The WikiTree community is on a mission to grow The Free Family Tree â

In summary, I would recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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Free and full of features
06 September 2015
Reviewer: Ocky from Sydney, Australia

131 of 260 people found this review helpful

Wikitree is a bit different to the majority of Genealogy websites out there. It is based on collaboration between members. The idea is to load your family on to the site, either manually or via a GEDcom upload. Then start the process of merging with other common profiles. A merge creates one profile that is shared between the original profile managers.

I have family trees on several Genealogy sites but I find Wikitree is the most satisfying in that the community is strong and supportive and the process is all about a common family tree.

Obviously the greatest feature is that it is free. Also profiles can be locked down to varying degrees of allowable access and therefore privacy is very strong where needed, ie living persons. It is also building very interesting project groups, for geographical areas, for one name studies, for historical events etc.

If there is a negative it is that it cannot find information for you relating to a particular person. Being free it has no ability to obtain records etc, like the expensive paid sites.

As at mid 2015 there are 10.5 million profiles on the site and growing fast, also there are 257,170 genealogists registered.

I am... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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