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Ancestry.com Costs & Features

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  • 14 day trial = free.
  • US Discovery:
    • 1 month = $19.99 per month.
    • 6 months = $99.99. 
  • World explorer:
    • 1 month = $34.99 per month.
    • 6 months = $149.99.
  • All access:
    • 1 month = $44.99 per month.
    • 6 months = $199.99.
  • DNA tests = around $159.00.
  • Options are available to buy membership as a gift.
  • US Discovery membership allows you to:
    • Explore all US record collections including birth, marriage, death and census records detailing occupations, ages, siblings, birthplaces, addresses, maiden names, etc.
    • Connect with other members to seek help, share your thoughts and make discoveries.
    • Organize, preserve and share your family tree online with advanced tools that showcase your photos and stories.
    • Read exclusive hints on how to make the most from your research. Ancestry.com can also do the searching for you to extend your family tree.
    • Access special collections of African-American and Jewish family histories
    • Receive easy to follow, step-by-step guidance.
  • World Explorer membership includes all of the US Discovery features, and also allows you to:
    • Learn about ancestors from 60 countries outside the US including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc.
    • Access documents from as far back as the 16th century and see original hand-written documents.
    • Examine immigration reports like passenger lists, border crossings, etc.
    • Get unlimited access to more than 2 billion international birth, marriage, death, census, military, church and other records.
  • All Access membership includes all of the World Explorer features plus the following:
    • Premium education with Ancestry Academy
    • Find stories among more than 80 million articles on Newspapers.com
    • Explore more than 400 million original military records on Fold3.com
  • Largest in the world: Ancestry.com provides access to more database information than any other genealogy search site, being the largest genealogy website in the world.
    • Ancestry.com contains more than 4 billion names.
    • Roughly 9 million names are added to the database each week
    • Roughly 25,000 family stories are added by members weekly
    • Roughly 200,000 photographs are uploaded weekly
    • Full world deluxe access provides access to billions of record entries from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and even further afield.
    • Ancestry.com's database is updated every business day, with hundreds of thousands of entries and records added to the database each week.
  • DNA testing: find out who you really are and who your ancestors were. 
    • A DNA testing facility allows you to discover your genetic genealogy simply by ordering a test kit and sending your DNA sample back to Ancestry.com.
    • These tests are provided at a reasonable cost.
    • As more members take tests, new information is generated which can help you in your research.
  • Experts available: get help from real-life professional researchers.
  • Training: watch training videos and read guides on how to develop as a genealogical researcher.
  • Videos and webinars: watch exclusive content and get online training.
  • USA: explore a huge range of USA family history records and documents.
  • Worldwide records: find historical data from around the planet. 
  • Ancient records: find information and records from back in the sixteenth century.
  • Military records: find out about your family’s military past.
  • Archives: search and filter through results to find documents.
  • Surname meanings: find out what family names really mean.
  • Build a family tree: create your family tree, with photos and stories.
  • Tree templates: build on a pre-existing family tree template.
  • Showcase: Create beautiful pages that showcase your documents, photos and charts.
  • Print Pages: You can print your pages at home or order a professionally printed copy.
  • Framed Poster: Display up to 9 generations of your family tree in a poster suitable for framing.
  • Shoebox: turn your phone into a scanner.
    • Better manage records or entries which you may wish to come back to later.
    • Save an entry in your 'shoebox' and return to it when you have time to evaluate it further.
  • Member forums: share your thoughts, ideas and research online.
  • Member Connections: allows you to get in touch (anonymously or otherwise) with other users who are performing the same or similar searches as you
  • Keep a profile to inform other users of your progress with your search, store information about yourself and your family history, and allow other users to contact you about similar searches that may interest you.
  • Member Directory: can be searched to view other members' profiles and contact them anonymously.
  • OneTreeWorld: Submit your family tree to the OneTreeWorld section to make it searchable by other users, and use the family trees submitted by other users in your research.
  • Articles: how to get the most out of different types of documentation (immigration reports, census documents, etc.) and how best to utilise them for your research needs.
  • Mobile apps: download apps to help you access your account and perform research.
  • Chat: speak with other members online.
  • Latest documents: check out the most recent uploads.
  • News: receive the most recent updates and tips.
  • Blog posts: read the site’s exclusive genealogy blog.
  • Help: support from the community, online features and Ancestry team. 
  • Gift membership: purchase membership for a friend or family member.
  • Ancestry Store - browse and buy books, magazines, software and more from the Ancestry Store
  • Upload: keep your GEDCOM research data and add it to your account.
    • Uploading an existing tree file to Ancestry from a family tree software program that you're already using (like Family Tree Maker, PAF, or Legacy) is easy.
    • Ancestry directly supports the data files from the following software products:
      • Family Tree Maker (.ftw)
      • Family Tree Maker backup file (.fbk)
      • Personal Ancestral File (.paf)
      • Family DataBase (.fdb)
      • Legacy 3.0 (.leg)
      • Zipped gedcom & images (.gedz)
  • Powerful Search Tools:
    • A basic search of Ancestry.com allows you to search by the following parameters:
      • First and middle names
      • Last name
      • Birth year
      • Death year
      • Birth location
      • Death location
    • A more advanced search allows you to search by the additional criteria:
      • Residences
      • Relatives
      • Marriage year
      • Gender
      • Race/Nationality
      • Key words
      • Use Exact or Ranged options
      • Prioritise a particular collection (e.g. US Records)
      • Limit Search to particular records (e.g. Census, MIlitary or Card Catalog)

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