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Category: Genealogy Sites (AKA Family Tree Websites)
Website: http://www.findagrave.com

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  • Use the site = free.
  • Sponsor a memorial (remove ads from a page) = $5.00.
  • Find a grave: locate and view a grave or memorial.
  • Famous graves: find graves of important figures from history.
  • Biographies: read about the grave and the person it holds.
  • Family links: find relations.
  • Interesting monuments: view and read about unique graves.
  • Add photos: upload your photos of headstones.
  • Records: over 120 million grave records.
  • Add records: include your own notes and updates.
  • Online cemetery: explore a random selection of memorial pages.
  • Community: talk with other members.
  • Top contributors: find out who the most active members are.
  • Discussions: share research advice, photos and more.
  • Store: purchase t-shirts, stickers, posters and other products.
  • Mobile: use the free mobile app to keep notes on the go.

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