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19 December 2010
Reviewer: Patricia Boron from Virginia

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Much better results than ancestry.com! And for free! I have been researching my father's family, who immigrated from Austria/Hungary in the early 1900's. I have found much more information on Family Search than I have on ancestry.com (the pay site). I am getting more hits here, the information is much more relevant, and the info seems to be more accurate than the ancestry website. The downside - I haven't found any original documents available on this website like you can (if you're lucky) on the ancestry site. BUT I am digging up info not available on other websites and am able to use that as a starting point in many cases. Anyone who is doing this probably knows that it is a time-consuming and often frustrating undertaking and there is no perfect website for this mission. It's a fabulous collaboration of bits of information from wherever it can be found. Hang in there...keep digging...it's a really neat thing to do and worth the time and frustration!

In summary, I would recommend Family Search to a friend.

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