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Dont tell them your reletives' names
01 September 2016
Reviewer: Drakesire from Virginia, USA

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I wanted to find out who the heck I was, and only had sketchy family information to go on. They ask for most distant known relative (its a trap!). I'm not certain who my father is but my I used the name on my (supposed) birth certificate. I purchased the major test and soon received hundreds of matches.
After some consideration and upgrade fees, I thought to ask the question of whether the results were DNA or surname related. I edited my profile and removed the relatives' names and suddenly I'm only related to 1 person in the whole world.
So all the previous results were based simply on the name given. I could do the same just by opening a phonebook and highlighting everyone with my last name - because I must be related to all of them right?

And the information the provide is EXTREMELY scientific and overly complicated. Nowhere can you easily see how much of any racial or ethnic group you are, and you have to buy a separate test to see if your a Native American.

Their excuse for hazy results and complicated explanations is that the technology is still new and innovations are constantly taking place.

All I want to know is how much of any group I am; 20% Irish - 10% German - 14% Moroccan etc.

But that's too easy and they wouldn't be able to sell you the next new test.

Cons: I don't trust their findings
Pro: easy to pay for services

In summary, I would not recommend Family Tree DNA to a friend.

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