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Website: http://www.myheritage.com

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My Heritage Costs & Features

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  • 14-day trial = Free
  • Basic membership = free.
  • Premium membership = $6.25 per month.
  • Premium plus = $9.95 per month.
  • Additional discounts for 2 or 5 year contracts.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Family tree: build an extensive family tree online.
  • Online Profile: Host your family tree on your profile and invite others (including other members of your family) to view it. 
  • Photos: upload your own family photos.
  • Photo galleries: let all your family view photos of their ancestors.
  • Timeline: premium users can have a beautiful and interactive timeline automatically created by the site, based on the content of their family tree. 
  • Timebook: create a digital, chronological book of your family history.
  • Storage: basic package includes 500MB of storage, whilst Premium Plus offers unlimited storage.
  • DNA tests: find out your genetic past.
  • Big Numbers - MyHeritage boasts around 1.8 billion profiles, 77 million users, 29 million family trees and hundreds of millions of photos, offering a rich and exciting user-experience. 
  • Search broadly: locate relatives and ancestors.
  • Search by location: exclude regions or find people within a specific area.
  • BMD: access birth, marriage and death certificates.
  • Census: find information from a variety of official census reports.
  • Newspapers: view clippings, photos and articles.
  • Historical records: more than 6 billion.
  • Smart matching: suggests potential relatives.
  • Inbox: send and receive private messages.
  • Mobile: access your account from a mobile device.
  • Uploading: upload a GEDCOM to import a partially completed family tree and use MyHeritage's powerful tools to help you complete it.
  • Search Connect: this is a free feature which efficiently helps to connect relatives who have been searching for common ancestors. By harnessing the millions of searches made by MyHeritage members it allows users to view the full data of other members' searches (such as dates, places, relatives and more) as well as similar searches they've made. If you find commonalities, you can contact the person who conducted the search and connect with them to exchange more information.
  • Record Matching: From the billions of records in the MyHeritage collection, the Record Matching technology automatically finds matching historical records for a family tree and presents these matches to users. The user can confirm and reject the match as well as export relevant information directly to the family tree. This automatic matching feature therefore reduces the number of manual searches that are required. If a user purchases a data subscription, he/she is also able to make use of the offered Record Matches.
  • Record Detective: this super sleuth starts with a single record and automatically explores its associated branches, generating new clues for you to pursue in greater depth. So, for example, a record discovered in SuperSearch (the genealogical search engine) will automatically include a summary of additional records and individuals in family trees relating to it.
  • Instant Discovery: this is a package of family history information that you can apply to your family tree in one click. In comparison to the Smart Matches where you add people one by one, and amend the data piece by piece, using the Instant Discoveries feature, you can add an entire branch to your tree with one click.
  • Numerous Free Collections: In addition to the free Search Connect collection in SuperSearch, there are dozens of other free key collections. For example, the BillionGraves collection, the €œScotland, Selected Prison Registers, 1828 - 1878€ collection, €œthe Biographical Summaries of Notable People collection, etc.
  • Family Collaboration: The MyHeritage sites are designed for the purpose of inviting family members to participate and contribute to the family tree.
  • User Collaboration: With the new Search Connect feature, Instant Discoveries and Smart Matches, collaboration between users is facilitated and encouraged.
  • Family Tree Builder (FTB) Software: Free desktop genealogy software offers user-friendly pages where you can grow your family tree in an visually engaging way. 

Prices and features are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website. Click on the button below to check out MyHeritage.com for yourself...

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