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Let the buyer Beware!
20 April 2016
Reviewer: Grace from Utah, USA

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My understanding was that I would be kept apprised of research being done. The ProGen17 tree would be available for me to see as progress was made. No, that doesn't happen, or didn't in my case. The ProGen website says that the ProGen Tree and the ProGen email is the vehicle for staying in touch with the researcher and finding out what research is being done. Never was anything posted on the tree (the Pro Gen tree that is made visible to the buyer) nor did the researcher ever respond to the two emails I sent to him. (I don't believe anyone ever even read my two emails to ProGen 17--certainly there was never a response--but the website says this is the means by which information is coordinated between the ProGen researcher and the consumer.)

The buyer is kept completely out of the loop. Once a month a phone meeting is set up with the coordinator (a person who has no direct personal involvement in the research nor knowledge of it). This individual could not answer any question about what is happening in the research. Her lack of knowledge is perhaps understandable, as she coordinates all of the research being done at ProGen and the only one who has direct contact with the consumer.

The person who buys into the ProGen program has little or no protection, except for the integrity and follow through of the researcher, who in my case, did not respond to emails nor make any attempt to keep me advised of any research being conducted. And for my frustration I am being charged an exorbitant amount. Be Advised: Let the buyer beware!

There are many disgruntled (and angry) individuals who have contracted with Ancestry Pro Genealogist,

In summary, I would not recommend Pro Genealogists to a friend.

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