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Find a grave members
24 November 2016
Reviewer: Smithislay from CA

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I was a member for over 7 years and the one thing I noticed, that members actually list their own rules and regulations under their profiles.

Instead of introducing themselves, they rant and rave about what to do, how to do it and when to do it.
One thing came to mind over the years, those who listed the rules very seldom followed the rules. Many members just add names, no info what so ever, while others, bring the people to life...linking them to family, adding birth info...going the extra mile, traveling the cemeteries.
I became discouraged by Find and Grave due to those members, mentioned above and yes you know who you are.

Recently one of my grave photos was removed from a memorial I created in 2009 and was transferred to another members memorial, that she just created over the summer of 2016.
No notice from Find a grave, no explanation as to why they took my picture as per the other members request...just delete and add to her.

When I questioned it, no response, when I deleted it Find a Grave deleted my access to all the memorials I created over the past 7 years, no explanation. Get this the member that stole my picture is still active, showing my picture on her memorial.

Guess Find a Grave can not even follow their own rules.

As a Canadian, Find a Grave is not user friendly, the provinces and townships are a mess.
Searching Canadian graves is also time consuming, as you can not break it down into provinces etc.

In summary, I would not recommend Find A Grave to a friend.

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