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Good idea but a lot of problems
12 September 2018
Reviewer: K. Henderson from Hallowell, Maine

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The best thing is that it is free. It intends to be a global tree that everybody collaborates on, but after years it still has many thousands of entries that have no sources and lead to nowhere. It is active, and most members seem to have good intentions. Note that if you register the ads go away.

It is extremely hard to navigate if you need to look for information or help. The main menu system has like 60 options and I'm not kidding. It seems to have people just constantly add help and other pages on top of ones already there making it complicated and repetitious and difficult to use. The search function is basically useless for the site and for the community message board called G2G. That message board is a strange one, not like others I'm used to. On this one, like Jeopardy, every topic starts in the form of a question and since the search function is so weak it seems some of the same topics are repeated over and over again even in the space of just a few days. It's difficult to read and follow.

As others have said, there are no reference sources or actual DNA information on Wikitree. There is no consistency in what makes up a source citation and entries may be detailed with links or may be nothing more than "from family history." There should be enforcement about source information because "from family history" doesn't help anyone. The DNA is misleading too. There's no actual matching but it indicates there is with DNA Connections lists for each person in the tree. You can only include that you have taken a test and what company you took it with, nothing else, and you can't manage DNA information for other family members, even if you paid for and manage the tests at the testing company.

I'm making it sound worse than it is. It is still a useful site. It just doesn't seem to have lived up to it's potential. I wish the "Would you recommend to a friend" question had a "maybe" choice instead of only yes or no.

In summary, I would recommend Wiki Tree to a friend.

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