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Curators are not genealogists
08 August 2019
Reviewer: California Dreamer from San Francisco, CA, USA

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Don't waste your time or your money on Geni.com!

* CURATORS ARE NOT GENEALOGISTS. The Geni curators also are not historians. They look at this as "volunteer work" and put this hobby on their resume ~ too stupid to realize they "working" for free. The curators I researched are unemployed people who live in their parents garage or have a sugar mama or daddy to support them. Look them up on Linkedin then block them! Seriously, I researched the curators who are like soup Nazis to control how your family appears online and these people have no jobs or businesses. They're lonely people who can't get along in society, so they integrate on this forum to feel some superiority or power over you. They're nobody special, but Geni.com makes them feel they are.

* POOR RATINGS: Check out their online reputation and you'll see hundreds of complaints for this tiny company from Burbank California. Geni.com steals the Better Business Bureau rating from their sister company MyHeritage, but when you write MyHeritage (owned from Israel) they won't respond to your questions at the BBB from either account. They are evasive and sneaky. Geni.com is owned by Myheritage.com. Don't buy either! If you buy one, it won't work unless you buy the other. It's a scam! Their "free" service requires a credit card. They are unethical in how they deal with your credit card. My credit card company called to tell me of a breach and sent me a new card after joining. When I cancelled my service, again my credit card company sent me a new card.

* GENI.COM DOES NOT VALUE YOUR PRIVACY. If you value your privacy, do NOT join. Geni.com will read your personal e-mail because it is their proprietary system. They will allow others to post your private information. They will manage your tree because now it's part of their world tree and it's no longer your information.

* GENI VIOLATES THEIR OWN TERMS OF SERVICE: The Geni.com Terms of service state that "After posting your Content to the Geni Services, you continue to retain all ownership rights." but they do not honor this part of their agreement. According to the GDPR, users "must be given easy access to their personal information in order to review, edit, or delete it. A full digital copy of a user’s personal data must be provided upon request." Geni.com does not adhere to this and has aggressively manipulated data. They do NOT care about your privacy or your proprietary rights to content.

* GENI IS A WASTE OF TIME. You could spend hours on entering data and then they can shut you down for no reason but proving that the curators are full of SH!T. It's a colossal waste of time.

In summary, I would not recommend Geni to a friend.

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