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Beware find a grave!!!
24 January 2020
Reviewer: E. F. Kidd from Savannah Ga.

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Beware Find A Grave!! I along with my mom, my aunt and a second cousin (who has a masters in Genealogy had our accounts deactivated from Find A Grave all because of two people who claimed to be relatives that weren't. They were constantly posting things on our immediate family memorials that weren't true. Each time that one of us in the family would politely attempt to correct them on something that they had posted that was incorrect they would get very nasty and just posted more and more untrue things on purpose. My Aunt Nancy never posted anything but flower Tributes on the memorials with things like, "Miss You" and the same with my mom, Alma. Yet, they too got their accounts deactivated. All of us filed SEVERAL complaints (with proof) to Find A Grave without anything ever being done. Not one thing. And now each one of us have had our accounts closed down for what Find A Grave said was harassment without any proof (because there was none or if something was submitted by one of these two, nothing was done to make sure that it was true). No one in our family that was on Find A Grave has never been anything but nice. We All kept stressing that we just wanted to get along, have some peace and enjoy working on family memorials. The only time that I got a little heated was in a complaint due to a Mary E. P E.F. stealing my photographs that I posted on Find A Grave and then she filed a complaint against me to Find A Grave and accused me of stealing Her Photo's. This Whole Find A Grave is VERY Unprofessional and one Can Not Go By Anything that is posted on the memorials because if this happened to us, THEN there are other memorials out there that have incorrect information on them. ALSO, DONT Post Any Personal Photo's!

In summary, I would not recommend Find A Grave to a friend.

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