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Fulfilling Photo Requests Volunteer
17 October 2020
Reviewer: Be Cautious from USA

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I volunteer(ed) to fulfill photo requests, nothing more nothing less. I contacted the person maintaining a memorial for clarification as she did not post a location within the cemetery. I called the cemetery office to obtain and was told that person was not buried with them. I contacted the person again who maintained the sight and she informed me she assumed the person was buried there as closest cemetery to his death. She has yet to remove the information. She advised me she was a member of the local Genealogy society (not sure what that has to do with anything and didn’t impress me) and then she told me I had two choices: 1) contact the state for copy of the death certificate or 2) contact the funeral home. What? I volunteer to take photos. This was not research I was doing - I volunteer to fulfill photo requests. I chose option 3- I’m out. I’ve gone to the forum for assistance and been demeaned and scolded. Have they forgotten these are volunteers? I’ve seen numerous errors, info and data unsourced, wrong obits attached to wrong names, death locations “assumed”, inaccurate data. Take it with a grain of salt.

In summary, I would not recommend Find A Grave to a friend.

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