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Wide database, good support, improvement in details needed
06 December 2018
Reviewer: Florian from Leipzig, Germany

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On deciding whether to use premium plus I was not sure if it was worth the money. As of today I'd say expensive but worth it. I was surprised by the amount of matches that turned up pretty soon, and was able to expand my family tree by desktop work way faster than I expected.

Support was fast and friendly, even though during standard business hours it wasn't available in German.

I disagree with another user who thinks there is too much manual input needed for the matches: Often the quality of the information matched with is 'from - to'. Therefore yes, if you need to go through more than 200 matches person by person it is much work, but then again it is up the the user to do it quickly or with devotion to detail. I prefer the later.

However there are some things that would be great if being improved:

1. Please scale down the ads for the DNA kit.

2. With smart matches it would be great that if while matching I could edit all personal information on my side for every relative, e. g. remove double pictures etc.

3. With record matches I would prefer to have the final say if or if not to import (all) new persons rather than just having to accept the full bundle.

4. Analytics could be better. It would be pretty cool to have more visual / map based output to share with the family.

5. Unified geocode would be great, in Germany I have to check matches Deutschland vs Duitsland, Tsykland etc. which are shown as different, whilst it is all the same of course. In addition a city may be part of one state at one time, but another before or after. This could be done much better.

6. There might be an error warning if there are obvious mistakes such as marriage after death ect. At least users should be able to enable or run a plausibility check.

7. If a new person entered it born in 1250, please do not use 'is still living' as the default.

All in all, a useful tool which I do recommend.

In summary, I would recommend My Heritage to a friend.

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