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Questionable DNA results -- Bogus "Instant Discoveries"
30 December 2019
Reviewer: Willie from USA

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The DNA results are anomalous and questionable, but their “Instant Discoveries” are beyond bogus. First, the DNA results: Compared to the other tests that I’ve taken, the MyHeritage results were quite different. They are NOT at all in alignment with the other companies, NOT vaguely in alignment with my own genealogy (going back over 20 generations, in some instances), and NOT in alignment with the potential relatives that they’re identifying for me. Now, I realize that DNA is random and wouldn’t necessarily correspond to a genealogy. However, if they tell you that you have a high percentage of DNA originating from a particular place (in my case, Iberia), then there should be some evidence either in the genealogical record or in their DNA relationship match-ups — or in other companies’ DNA tests. There simply isn’t. Conversely, if other companies show a particular origin (ethnic composition) and if my genealogy confirms that ethnic origin, then I would expect to see some evidence of that same ethnic origin in MyHeritage — just as I see elsewhere. But I do not. Knowing the vagaries of DNA testing and the algorithms of origin assignment, I can guess that there might be some scientific explanation for some of this. Consequently, I’m willing to give them a passing D+ grade for DNA testing. Needless to say, I would not recommend their tests after having done tests from several companies. However, the “Instant Discovery” feature of MyHeritage is worse than worthless — it is perpetuating and proliferating the bogus genealogies that are plaguing the internet. MyHeritage lures a user into matches with ancestors — offering to add dozens of new persons to your family tree. What it doesn’t tell you is that these records have been checked against NO primary source records, and they are simply the result of sloppy genealogical work that is being passed along without ever being corrected. MyHeritage touts millions (billions) of records. Where are they and what is the utility of those records? MyHeritage has learned to monetize the erroneous family trees being put together by lazy genealogists. People are being enticed into replicating millions of genealogical errors. This is a travesty. “Instant Discovery” should come with a warning.

In summary, I would not recommend My Heritage to a friend.

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