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Hoarding memorials
29 March 2022
Reviewer: Mary from USA

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Find a Grave is not a reliable source for genealogy research. You are better off going to the library or a historical society to get accurate information.

Find a grave contributor number #8 is transferring memorials to anyone and not relatives. I noticed the after the contributors passed way or retired, they transferred all their memorials to #8, thinking to would be safe there.

I just noticed that one the top contributors got the several memorials transferred to her care from #8 and tampering with the memorials. For example, she would change the last name or change it to a completely different person or created a fictional person, for example - Find a Grave Memorial 93484391

I reported her but Find a grave was no help. They want proof what is accurate or if you are related to the person if you request a transfer from someone who refuses to transfer to family and relatives.

Just because the top contributors have more then 50,000 memorials doesn't mean you can trust them.

In summary, I would not recommend Find A Grave to a friend.

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