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13 February 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous119 from Australia

106 of 203 people found this review helpful

I was in Ancestry.Au and they F**ked my Family tree too many times to recall, when I searched my family History , there wasn't any descendants in Australia according to the site. My descendants were from the US , I don't know how since my Descendants were from other parts of the world Not the US.

I was using the Free version but each time I complained about THEIR stuff up and their inadequate pathetic record base, they asked me to Upgrade to a Paid Member before they would help me.


ANCESTRY has done nothing to assist me in any way while I was a Member only to F**k things up then have the GALL to ask for money to fix THEIR mistakes.

They are Nothing more than a SCAM site , faking their way into peoples lives, I have only found errors, and FRAUD !!

In summary, I would not recommend Ancestry.com.au to a friend.

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Just another company ripping off Australians
11 October 2013
Reviewer: Cc from Victoria, Australia

114 of 268 people found this review helpful

Australian records are incomplete, poorly organised and full of transcription errors.

Examples: 1. Some shipping records state the person came from Limerick but when you look at the image it clearly states Tipperary. There are a lot more! All the electoral rolls are categorised as 1930s. So if you want 1954 you will have to wade through all the other years first. BDM records are incomplete and not up to date. Some records from the 1800s are not included. Victoria's death records are available up to 1988 (as at 2013) but Ancestry does not.

The site has constant outages and often loses data (including people profiles from the tree). People mysteriously change location in the tree. One example the daughter gave birth to her own grandparents!
Synchronising with Family Tree Maker for Windows often creates more errors than updates and often crashes.

When Ancestry asked for feedback/opinions I told them - fix the errors instead of concentrating on the appearance. They changed the appearance of the site again. Errors were not fixed.

For Australian information Ancestry appear to be all about money and data mining and offer poor customer service in return.

In summary, I would not recommend Ancestry.com.au to a friend.

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Waste of time
01 July 2013
Reviewer: Ben from Australia

180 of 336 people found this review helpful

Tried a free trial of this site and was not at all encouraged to continue with a paid membership. Official records (like marriage, births and deaths) seem entirely incomplete - to the point where I did a search on myself and could not even find a record of my own birth, despite more than sufficient info being given. The only "help" offered was in the form of "hints" about possible info on family members - all of which was irrelevant as it conflicted with family info I'd already provided, so clearly wasn't relevant to who and what I was searching for.

At the end of the day, it appears that all info held on the site is based on what users have submitted and not on access to official public records. This is a scam, considering that they are charging people to use the site based on the fact that customers will have access to indisputable records from official databases such as births, deaths and marriages - a claim they make in all of their advertising. The whole exercise was a complete waste of time and left me believing that they have some nerve charging people for the info they are... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Ancestry.com.au to a friend.

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19 May 2012
Reviewer: Tezza from Melbourne, Victoria

178 of 341 people found this review helpful

It's a good basic site WHEN you can get onto it. Either SERVICE UNAVAILABLE message comes up or WEBSITE IS TOO BUSY TO SHOW THE PAGE message comes up.

If you are lucky enought to actually sign in and and start a search you will after a couple of steps encounter the WEBSITE IS TOO BUSY message and no matter how many times you refresh it is no good. Go back a step to sign off and WEBSITE TOO BUSY so you can't even sign off.

You pay good money to access a site and you either can't get into it or once in you're stuck.

A few months age access was fine, I think they've become too popular and their server can't cope.

In summary, I would not recommend Ancestry.com.au to a friend.

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Ancestry.com is spam due to reasons stated
02 May 2012
Reviewer: Bazza from Hervey Bay, AUS

182 of 354 people found this review helpful

Like most genealogy sites subscription to service requires credit card details after which it is impossible to cancel or adjust method. Client has no access to options for account so host retains complete control and elects to automatically renew subscriptions. Only way is for client to request cancellation by email and depend on the goodwill of host. In my opinion this is the biggest hurdle to using any of these sites. It is not that they have not heard of methods for user access to their account as is widely used; it is that they deliberately choose to deny users an easy option to account cancellation. For this reason I will never touch any genealogy sites. They are all the same.

In summary, I would not recommend Ancestry.com.au to a friend.

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